Jewelry Care

His new jewelry has been created product of hours of intense and delicate craftsmanship. Caring for details that when combined with love makes each piece unique. Therefore, we must take care of it so that it lasts us for years. We leave useful tips to be able to wear them for a long time in their integrity.

  • Try to store your jewelry separately, to avoid scratching with other jewelry. Plastic bags, silk or fabric can help.
  • Store your jewelry in a clean, dry place.
  • Crystals and pearls can be sensitive to falls and bumps.
  • Because jewels are embroidered with triple filament yarns, they have a strong constitution, but not unbreakable by negligence.
  • Handmade jewelry should be placed after applying any makeup, spray, gel, lotion or perfume. Make sure your skin has absorbed all moisture. These agents can cause crystals to lose brilliance.
  • It is not advisable to wet the jewelry with a metal clasp. The clasp can be oxidized with water.
  • Clean your jewelry with a clean, soft cloth. This will improve the luster and ensure your jewelry is clean before being stored.
  • Protect your jewelry from extreme temperatures and sunlight.
  • Try storing your jewelry flat to avoid ripples.
  • Do not expose your jewelry to salty water or harsh chemicals such as chlorine or detergents. These chemicals can slowly erode the finish and polishing of crystals.
  • Do not use commercial jewelry cleaner as it can cause damage to the crystals. A soft, clean cloth will suffice.